Blacksmith for your wedding

Wedding is like a bold forging work by connecting two people/pieces together. From flaming feelings is forged marriage that last many decades like iron.

Blacksmith in wedding

Make your wedding memorable and invite blacksmith to your wedding that you could forge your own luck. Shakeing blacksmiths hand brings as much luck than kissing a chimney sweep.

Blacksmith comes to the wedding with own forge and anvil. He is there for up to two hours. He will talk about his work and traditions of forging and shows how forging is done. People who also want to try forging can do that. Blacksmith prepares the horseshoe before the wedding and in the wedding the couple can forge their own name letters on that luck bringing horseshoe.

Price list

Ordering a blacksmith costs 550 euros + transport.

VAT will be added to the price.


Siim Esko
Wedding blacksmith
Phone: +372 510 9648